Simca 8 Sport

abarth gmr restauration simca 8 sport

It was not until October 1949 that a Coupé and a Cabriolet were presented under the vaults of the Grand Palais. Compared to the prototype, the 1950 model swapped certain details, including its directional arrows, for turn signals mounted under the headlights. Announced for 135 km/h, the Simca 8 Sport is as comfortable on the lawns of elegance contests as in competition. One car won the 1950 Atlas Rally, four finished the 1951 Tour de France automobile, and one of the various cars with the floor-mounted gearshift lever, the 'Girard selector' placed under the steering wheel, made it more responsive.

This very rare Simca 8 Sport, serie 2, is an ex-USA car, provided with the Simca V8 engine. It will be built back to its original Simca 1200 engine with the Abarth (autobleu) intake manifold with two carburators. The heavy doors will be replaced by elements in aluminium, reducing the weight by around 50 kg. This will undoubtedly benefit its performance.

To do:

  • ensure a total restoration of the body
  • restore the suspension
  • restore the engine
  • very rare wire wheels
  • prepared for regularity rally's