For sale - on consignment

For almost every museum, storage limitations often lead to reevaluation of the special pieces in its position. This is no different for the Abarth Works Museum. As our focus tends to evolve or sharpen, as well as we experience a shortage of storage space, Guy Moerenhout makes a selection of cars that will no longer be part of this museum. However, we would like to give other classic car enthusiasts the possibility to enjoy and restore these beautiful pieces. Some of them are in need of (complete) restoration, others are ready to enjoy immediately. 

But we do not only sell parts of our own collection. Sometimes a collector wants to sell one of his precious classic cars, but is unable to find a suitable buyer. As it often involves unique and rare vehicles, the owner desires to hand it over to a competent and sincere successor. And that is where the Abarth Works Museum offers its services. As a (former) experienced car dealer and car constructor, we aim to form a bridge between the provider and the demanding party, managing the perfect sale of classic cars.

Looking for a unique pearl to add to your own classic car collection? Then by all means, feast your eyes on the oldtimer vehicles displayed below. Interested in one of these extraordinary cars or looking for more information?

Please contact us via the form below each car sheet and we will inform you of the car for sale at hand. In search of a medium to sell your own classical vehicle? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you in your quest to a reliable buyer.

Fiat 124 S

Fiat 124s PROJECT

€ 2.000
Fiat 132

Fiat 132 2000cc PROJECT

€ 2.500
Fiat Ritmo

Fiat Ritmo cabrio PROJECT

€ 2.000
Fiat Ritmo

Fiat Ritmo 75CL GR2 Body PROJECT

€ 6.000
Fiat Ritmo SUPER 85

Fiat Ritmo Cabrio PROJECT

€ 2.000
Lada 2104

Lada 2104 ( kit vfts ) PROJECT

€ 3.000
Lada 2105-1200

Lada 2105-1200cc PROJECT ideal VFTS

€ 4.000
Lada 2105-1500

Lada 2105 1500cc PROJECT ideal VFTS

€ 3.500
Lada Samara

Lada Samara PROJECT

€ 1.500
Moskvitch 412

Moskvitch 412 PROJECT

€ 1.200
Volga Break DIESEL


€ 3.500
ZASTAVA 1100 rally

ZASTAVA 1100cc 'ideal Montecarlo rally' PROJECT

€ 4.000