Restoration Simca 9 Sport - (8 ½)

Simca classic car taken to the next level

abarth gmr restoration simca 9 sport 8 ½ 01

It is believed that this kind of Simca 9 sport with a 8 ½ body has only around 400 of its equals, making it an extremely rare car in the classic car world. This asks for a little bit of history about the Simca Sport classic car. The Simca 8 was designed with a chassis that held the body of the car to ensure secureness. But when the 8 ½ model was introduced, a self-supporting body was created, with its own suspension, the Simca classic car was taken to the next level. This Simca 9 Sport Aronde has the underparts of a Simca 9, but the body is that of a 8 ½. It was for the first time introduced présalon 1952. Aftersalon 1952, the Simca 9 Sport was built with a Simca 9 body as well, instead of a 8 ½ body. What do we still have to do to take this unique Simca back to the rally track?

To do:

  • fully prepare it for rally
  • add an abarth carburetor kit
  • apply an abarth exhaust
  • install a CISITALIA floor gear level
  • add special suspension
  • revise the brakes
  • revise the engine
  • check the gearbox
  • add a new clutch
  • apply MSW wire wheels (special Abarth GMR kit)
  • install a rally dashboard
  • place fusina bucket seats
  • add a tripmaster
  • ensure that it is mille miglia eligible

abarth gmr restoration simca 9 sport 8 ½ 02

abarth gmr restoration simca 9 sport 8 ½ 03