Restoration Fiat Abarth 2300 S Coupé

Ideal to take your opponents on speed

abarth gmr restoration fiat 2300 coup s abarth 01

Not many cars are completely prepared for rally, especially when they have the size and type of this Fiat Abarth 2300 S Coupé. As this one is entirely crammed for the rally world, we decided to add extra lighting as well as an aluminium framework for the doors. This reduces the weight considerably, as each door weighs 20 kg less because of the aluminium substance. On demand, we could and would also change the front bonnet and rear bonnet into aluminium materials, reducing the total weight of the car even more - down to a total weight of 930 kg. Ideally if you want to take your opponents on speed! Interested in what steps we have to take to achieve this?

To do:

  • a complete restoration of the body work
  • create a rally welded body
  • apply mini light wheels: 5.5” x 15
  • add special shocks
  • provide a new black interior
  • change the door skins by aluminium (which reduces the total weight by 40 kg)
  • ensure FIA homologation for light parts
  • revise the engine
  • revise the brakes
  • add a tripmaster

abarth gmr restoration fiat 2300 coup s abarth 02