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Guy's new place to be:   abarth works museum
3500mē of cars & parts!

abarth works-museum abarth works-museum - open since may 5th 2007
open after appointment, monday to saturday 10-12 / 14-18h

GMR, 35 years on the abarth-road Guy Moerenhout was one of the very last Abarth rally racers, supported by Fiat Auto Belgio. He has been the owner of a Car & Tuning Workshop since 1971, and decided in 1997 to let everyone enjoy the benefit of his experience and knowledge about all matter Abarth. Since 2007 he is the proud owner of the 'Abarth Works Museum' in Lier.

guy moerenhout / abarth specialist The 'abarth works museum' is The Place To Be when it comes to Abarth sports cars. Guy has a tremendous stock of cars, spare parts and real Abarth engines. He has lots of technical information and knows where to find that important piece to finish your restoration. He is a Tuning Specialist and can make cars go faster and have better road holding.

Guy Moerenhout has got years of experience in car tuning, recreating, restoration and rallying. In his career he has worked with Abarths, Porsches, Land Rovers, Lada Nivas, etc ... In the 1970's and 1980's Guy has worked on the publicity and promotions of cars (car shows, etc). He has driven lots of cars but he has decided that Abarths are the cars for him and are his passion ... abarth-gmr history abarth-gmr history abarth-gmr history abarth-gmr history



Guy started working with cars in the 1970's, buying, seling, repairing and tuning lots of different makes of cars. He was national representative for Lada in Belgium and produced the special tuning version of the Lada Niva "Dream Lada". He worked with other makes and cars like: 4x4, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, etc... In 1982 Guy drove a Land Rover on the Paris-Dakar Rally, and also drove several times the Safari Rally Zaire.

polyester parts - fiat 2000 cc spider central engine Now Guy Moerenhout recreates cars with polyster bodykits, and restores classic cars. He makes the polyester parts himself for every car that he needs. Latest project is the 1300 OT Persiscope Remake. We have almost every polyster part for every ABARTH Car, and we sell a lot to our clients.

Squadra Storica Abarth forum
He created also the Abarth Squadra Storica Forum, where every ABARTH owner can find a lot of useful information and material from the Abarth world. He displays all the knowledge and know-how he has about Abarth on this forum.

In Guys museum and garage you will find special Abarth Cars like: Fiat Abarth 124 Rally, Fiat Abarth 1300/124, X1/9, Fiat Abarth 695 Esse Esse, Fiat Abarth 124 Group IV, Ritmo, Spider, Zagato, Dubble Bubble, Scorpione, Simca, Pininfarina, Monomille, Periscope, Gaminni, Jolly, Simca 2000 cc, Lada 1500, etc...
Parts for Abarth cars, engines, bodyparts, polyster parts and other bits and pieces. We have for your car almost every part in stock. We sell parts all over the world. fiat abarth 1100 abarth dubble bubble 750 zagato abarth simca 2000 cc Abarth 1000 tc



all cars on our meeting:Fiat Abarth 124 Rally, Fiat ABARTH 1300/124, Fiat ABARTH 695 Esse Esse, Fiat ABARTH 124 Group IV, ... all RITMO, Spider, Zagato, Dubble Bubble, Scorpione, Simca, Pininfarina, Monomille, Periscope, Gaminni, Jolly etc Guy organized the World Abarth Meeting in Belgium and met people from all over the world (with guests from Europe, America, Japan etc ... ). He spends a lot of his time with friends driving rallies and races, looking at special Abarths. Give him a telephone call and/or come to meet him !!!


Have you visited our museum lately... ???
abarth works museum Mme. Abarth Anneliese has !
01/06/2007: mme. Abarth visits GMR-Lier

tel.: +32 3 449 00 16 * fax: +32 3 440 67 80 * contact via e-mail:
( if you have a problem to reach Guy by mail, try the alternative address: )
abarth works museum
guy moerenhout racing
abarth works museum
guy moerenhout racing
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